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Michael Poulin

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(Found in a blog, "Versioning is as inevitable as security.") SOA development practice isn't much different from other software development practices except for design and maintenance. Multiple self-containing and aggregated services that interact with others have their own lifecycle and evolution. The loosely coupling model of SOA services significantly simplifies design but creates additional difficulties in maintenance, especially in the interoperability of different service versions. To better understand the requirements of SOA service versioning, let me ask several questions and see if we can answer them easily: Is SOA a structure of interfaces such as Web Services or it is a structure of services with interfaces? Who is the master in SOA - the client or service (provider)? Is an immutable interface more important to a client than the service behind the interfa... (more)

How To Deal With Architectural Security?

Application architects have heard about the increased importance of security, but in many cases they really don't know how to approach this issue. In this article, I'll share my experience and define a few basic steps and checkpoints for building application architecture with security in mind. This year, architects have started to face several domestic (SOX and HIPPA) and even international (Basel II) regulations that require a certain level of protection of the personal and financial data that's processed and owned by the companies. Though network and operating system security so... (more)

Resolving RIA-SOA Conflict

From the first days of Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology, many enthusiasts found an analogy between RIA and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Some of them talked about the benefits of a would-be-wonderful use of SOA in RIA; others saw RIA as a SOA face. Nonetheless, there are experts who see a discrepancy between RIA and SOA concepts. The major disagreement between RIA and SOA is in the fine-grained operations in RIA and the coarse-grained type of interfaces of SOA business services. Let's take a closer look at this problem. In a glance we can see that the RIA spectr... (more)

Considering the SOA Reference Model

SOA RM: " SOA, services are the mechanism by which needs and capabilities are brought together" Recently OASIS voted the SOA Reference Model (SOA RM) into a standard. In spite of its high level of abstraction, this model emphasizes the business orientation of SOA. This two-part article will elaborate on the business aspects of the standard. Part 1 discusses one of the possible business grounds for SOA and design-for-changes uses cases. Part 2 will describe several technical design pillars of SOA in light of the standard. Business Agility The SOA Reference Model (SOA RM) is t... (more)

WebLogic Journal: If a Resource Thread Hangs in the Portal

This article describes a workaround design that allows a Portal to survive if its resource starts hanging request threads. Business Task How frequently does your Portal experience user requests hanging in the resource? Not frequently, I hope. However, if this happens and the resource continues hanging user requests, the Portal is exposed to a fatal risk of spending all of the configured concurrent user requests and eventually dies. This is a disaster. I faced such situation a few times and decided to protect my Portal from even rare surprises such as these. Let a Portal include s... (more)